Rudy cant fail goodness

Rudys cant fail cafe: Diner-style hearty breakfasts and specials.

Bottomline:   Big breakfasts, killer lunches, 7am – 1am.
                         Not the best, but definitely can’t fail.

Beginnings: yy and I had just started on our weekend brunch rampage.

After being inspired by The-Place-That-Cannot-Be-Named, we decided that we just had to look for a place that could top it. Googling all the breakfast places in the immediate east bay vicinity, Rudy’s Cant Fail cafe came up pretty high on the list, supposedly being the number 1 breakfast place in Emeryville. Heading out, we decided to give it a shot.

 Entrance to Rudys cant fail cafe

Don’t you think the name of the place is catchy? Rudy’s cant fail cafe boasts its own unique logo, which looks a little like an orange cingular man holding a big fork.

Rudy’s super long opening hours follow the traditional diner concept.

Table Top @ Rudy's

 This place definitely has a very unique decor. This is the table top.

 savoury food

 This place is good for traditional, hearty, oozing, savoury food.

oozing goodness..

We tried a couple of things. The Chorizo & Egg Scramble($8.95) was not bad.

 foooddd  GaarrgGH..  hmm. not bad

 The above pictures are self-explanatory as usual.

 This is how i like my eggs.. yum =)

This is how i like my eggs.. nice! 

 More savoury goodness!

Close-up pic of the savoury goodness. 

The food is finishing..

The food is almost gone..

 *gasp* no more food..


Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe is a very cosy diner that is one of the better breakfast places around the area. Definitely, come here if you’re looking for some hearty, savoury goodness. However, this place still pales to the lofty standards set by The-Place-That-May-Not-be-Named.

Address:      4081 Hollis St, Emeryville, CA 94608 (map)
                       (intersection of 40 st and Park ave)

Links:    Website (here)
              Yelp review (here)

yysj rating:      cookie!


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