Merlion Restaurant:     A high-class taste of Singaporean cuisine.

Bottomline:    Its nothing much, but nice if you’re really craving it ;)
                         This place is way too pricey.

Welcome to the Merlion!

Welcome to the Merlion!

Sotong!More sotong

We got treated to a function here. So, it was finger food galore.


Ooh, is that Satay I see? and Roti Prata!

Satay!Roti Prata!

Fried rice, done Singapore-style. Reminds of the taste of home.

Buffet StyleFried Rice!

 But it was abit pricey. Looks really good though. Chicken Curry.

Chicken Curry!


Verdict:    Not bad for those away from home and missing the food.
                    However, a bit pricey. Just buy prima taste and cook =)

yysj rating:         carrot

Address:     19628 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, CA (map)

Links:      Website (here)
                 Yelp review (here)


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