Koryo – Authentic Korean

Koryo Wooden Charcoal BBQ

Bottomline:      Authentic Korean Restaurant. Nice place to go.

array of food

Koryo is not cheap. around the $15 range.
Each main dish however, includes 4 to 6 side dishes in the package.

use chopsticks 

Its really authentic and hassle-free. A nice place to sit and eat.
Use chopsticks to pick at each dish, sit and talk for a long time. 

The food is pretty good too. I’ll recommend the bul go gee (beef)



 yy loves the bean sprouts

yy loves korean food. (among all the other kinds of food she loves..)
Also, contrary to popular belief, the two of us are shamed to say that we’re big frauds and don’t actually eat out so often. This is actually the first time we specially arranged and went out for dinner (!)

ah? what's this?    ohhhh.. its FOODDDD.. *chompchompchomp*    hmm! its pretty good! =)

 Well, i think the above pics are pretty self-explanatory =)

Finished =( 

Yes, in case you’re wondering, the two of us ate all that food ourselves. 

entrance to koryo 

This picture is pretty bad.. but the entrance looks like this with an arch.  

Thus sends a happy night

Address:   4390 Telegraph Ave Suite J, North Oakland, USA (map)
                     (Intersection of Telegraph and 44th)

Links:      Yelp Review (here)

yysj rating:   cookie!


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