Canele Pleasures!!

CaneleExcellent. A must-visit


Breathe in breathe out.

I’ve fulfilled an ancient, glorious dream.

We conquered Canelé. That’s right folks, Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie on Robertson Quay, the one and only, August 05 2007. THE DAY. Okay I actually tried it before I left for America last year, but maybe my memory’s failing me but the previous time was in no way comparable to the gastronomic experience today. Or maybe it was the company ;)

Anyway, for the uninitiated, Canelé is part of the renowned Les Amis group, helmed by executive pastry chef Pang Kok Keong (who was inspired by Pierre Hermé, my second biggest idol after Thomas Keller). After reading SO MUCH about the man from Chubby Hubby and reading rave reviews about his fantabulous desserts and of course the newly-opened Macaron, Canelé was definitely destination eating. Okay let me just skip the boring parts and head straight for the treasure. We ordered Le Royale (SGD 6.50) and Tiramisu (SGD 6.00).


Le Royale was a multi-layered cake made of chocolate mousse 66%, hazelnut feuilletine, almond success and chocolate genoise with rum. The fresh ingredients combined together to form an immensely light dessert that was a darling on the taste buds; the multitude of flavors was incredulously harmonious and hit me one after the other in perfect succession – first to register was the slightly moist mousse before the crumbly feuilletine added its crunch, and just before the bite dissolves completely on the tongue the full flavor from the airy genoise kicks in, punctuating the experience in a burst that had just the right degree of richness to meld the different components and yet not steal the show. The description may make it sound very chocolately, but turned out to be easy to stomach. We didn’t order it, but a cup of tea would have been the perfect companion to this dessert.



I was so preoccupied with my precious royal crown that I didn’t take much note of the exact taste of the tiramisu. All I can say is I liked it immensely, the hint of rum was substantial but not overpowering, and this too was light on the palate and went perfectly with the slice of dark chocolate that adorned the little beauty. I would order this again if there weren’t so many other cakes I am simply dying to try. A return is definitely warranted.

Ah... Perks of the job =)

I love this place. There’s a glass behind which you can see the many pastry chefs buzzing away (and this being a Sunday!). We amusingly noted a female chef working on a wedding cake and nonchalently stealing bites of chocolate. Ah, the benefits that come with being a pastry chef. The atmosphere was chic but not stifling, and the various pink boxes bearing their name and logo that were on display around the cafe made it look like a Prints shop. They also had a little bakery that had interesting things like chocolate brioche, almond pistachio cookies and the like. I got a Chocolate Au Pain for breakfast tomorrow. A slice of Canelé home with me, what more can a girl ask for?

What can I say? Best day of my life. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. REALLY.

yysj rating:     cookie!cookie!cookie!

Canelé (map)
11 Unity Street, #01-09
Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995


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