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yypt.jpg    – yy           eat.chocolate.sweet.cake.icecream.brownie.lump.

Food is, and always has been an infatuation for this spunky young lass who has since left behind her once-dark eating past of drenching everything she eats with mountains of ketchup and gravy. Now, this aspiring foodie upholds an intense passion for all things sweet (chocolate chip cookie!), retains a strong revulsion to carrots (ewww!) and declares everything she eats to be “the best ______ that she has ever tasted”.

In her other life, yy is also currently a 2nd year economics and buinsess major at the University of California Berkeley, placing her smack in the heart of the vibrant San Francisco and Bay Area food scene!

 explore.trave.wander.share.reflect.youyou.           zy –          zypt

At the promptings of his whimsical and flighty companion, this unruffled and urbane lad has decided to venture fearlessly into a brave new foodie world. The more sensible half of the endeavour (by far..), this aspiring foodie nevertheless shares a similar ardor for exploring fresh spots and exhibits a flair for exquisite new tastes.

Concidentally, zy is also a student at Cal, striving to complete his third year of studies in economics and operations research management science. 

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YYSJ – 悠宇食街

悠宇食界 is a joint collaboration between 悠悠 and 振宇 in an effort to manifest their food-related passions into something of substance. Primarily a food review blog, this website also represents an excuse to have some healthy fun, record their adventures together, to improve zy’s computer skills and to let yy explore if she should pursue this line of interest.

Basically, we’re doing this for ourselves. But if our work can bring you some joy, we’re really glad to be able to share everything with you. Enjoy! =)

 yyav.jpg     yy says:

                 yay! lots and lots of yummy food! (:

 zy says:    zy avatar

Do email us with comments. Have fun browsing!              




One response to “about yysj

  1. ho ho ho, another website to read at work. wonderful. keep the constant updates coming!

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