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Coming up: glorious HK food reviews. And a trip to Gary Danko SF on Aug 18, 10pm.

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Cafe Cacao (Scharffen Berger)

Cafe Cacao: Cafe located at Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory

Bottomline: Everybody (almost!) likes chocolate. And more.

Warning: The following review is probably not representative of the cafe.

This is a story about a cookie.


And a scone.


And a cup of chocolate mocha. Cookie. And Scone.

 Chocolate Mocha, Cookie and Scone

It begins. For whom Chocolate makes a very happy person.

YY's eyes gleam..

It begins with the cookie.
The Scharffen Berger Chocolate Chip Cookie.

 Cookie Cookie? Cookiee!

And then.. 

The Scone

The Scharffen Berger Chocolate Chip Scone 

scone Scone!! 

scone? mm.. Scone!! 

Scone. The wonderful wonderful scone.



Cookie and milk

Top it off with the mocha.

Satisfied gwin

Ah. Today was a good day =)

yysj rating:      cookie!

Address:  914 Heinz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710 (map)
                   (intersection of Heinz and 7th)

Links:    Website (here)
                Yelp Review (here)

Koryo – Authentic Korean

Koryo Wooden Charcoal BBQ

Bottomline:      Authentic Korean Restaurant. Nice place to go.

array of food

Koryo is not cheap. around the $15 range.
Each main dish however, includes 4 to 6 side dishes in the package.

use chopsticks 

Its really authentic and hassle-free. A nice place to sit and eat.
Use chopsticks to pick at each dish, sit and talk for a long time. 

The food is pretty good too. I’ll recommend the bul go gee (beef)



 yy loves the bean sprouts

yy loves korean food. (among all the other kinds of food she loves..)
Also, contrary to popular belief, the two of us are shamed to say that we’re big frauds and don’t actually eat out so often. This is actually the first time we specially arranged and went out for dinner (!)

ah? what's this?    ohhhh.. its FOODDDD.. *chompchompchomp*    hmm! its pretty good! =)

 Well, i think the above pics are pretty self-explanatory =)

Finished =( 

Yes, in case you’re wondering, the two of us ate all that food ourselves. 

entrance to koryo 

This picture is pretty bad.. but the entrance looks like this with an arch.  

Thus sends a happy night

Address:   4390 Telegraph Ave Suite J, North Oakland, USA (map)
                     (Intersection of Telegraph and 44th)

Links:      Yelp Review (here)

yysj rating:   cookie!


Merlion Restaurant:     A high-class taste of Singaporean cuisine.

Bottomline:    Its nothing much, but nice if you’re really craving it ;)
                         This place is way too pricey.

Welcome to the Merlion!

Welcome to the Merlion!

Sotong!More sotong

We got treated to a function here. So, it was finger food galore.


Ooh, is that Satay I see? and Roti Prata!

Satay!Roti Prata!

Fried rice, done Singapore-style. Reminds of the taste of home.

Buffet StyleFried Rice!

 But it was abit pricey. Looks really good though. Chicken Curry.

Chicken Curry!


Verdict:    Not bad for those away from home and missing the food.
                    However, a bit pricey. Just buy prima taste and cook =)

yysj rating:         carrot

Address:     19628 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, CA (map)

Links:      Website (here)
                 Yelp review (here)

West side story

West Side Bakery: Cosy location at west side. Typical chic Berkeley cafe.

Bottomline: Plenty of seats, free internet. Good vegetarian selection

West Side Bakery CounterWest Side Bakery

Here’s some trivia about YY. She hates libraries. Unconventionally, she needs to study in a cafe environment where she’s surrounded by ambient people and where the prospect of food is always available. Thus, when test season comes around, we’re always hunting around for cafes..

The 3 golden requirements of a study cafe

1. Comfy and available seats
2. Clean toilets
3. Free wireless internet

Passing by this place, it said ‘free wireless internet’.
YYSJ decided to check it out =)


What’s studying without a little refreshment ;)


Saute of Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomatoes and Feta 

YY tried the Saute of Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomatoes and Feta ($7.75), which was served open face on bullseye bread. Not bad. The breakfast was pretty standard fare to be found in most places. This place had a pretty good vegetarian selection though, with a number of tofu specialties such as “Tofu scrambler”, “Tofu Chilequiles” and “Tofu Rancheros”. Typical, of your very aware Berkeley cafe.


Looks savory doesn’t it?


Guess who’s supposed to be studying? ;)




This place is pretty standard. Its nice for a change, but there are many places around which are better. Try Rudy’s Can’t Fail cafe or The-Place-That-May-Not-Be-Named. if you ever find out where it is of course ;)

yysj rating:       carrot

Address:   2570 9th St, Berkeley, CA (map)
                    (Intersection of 9th and Parker)

Links:      Yelp review (here)

Stroll by the Bay

Berkeley Marina: 27 Mar 07

Bay View

This is a happy place.

Sun is setting..

Choppy seas. 
When the sun sets, you can really see the ball move behind the hills.

A long winding road

A long path to walk. Places without crowds are nice.
Beats squeezing with people at the esplanade.


Its windy though. Be warned.

Golden Sunset

yysj rating:          cookie!

Location:       West of Berkeley (map)
                       (Path by Breakwater Dr, Cesar E Chavez Park)

Rudy cant fail goodness

Rudys cant fail cafe: Diner-style hearty breakfasts and specials.

Bottomline:   Big breakfasts, killer lunches, 7am – 1am.
                         Not the best, but definitely can’t fail.

Beginnings: yy and I had just started on our weekend brunch rampage.

After being inspired by The-Place-That-Cannot-Be-Named, we decided that we just had to look for a place that could top it. Googling all the breakfast places in the immediate east bay vicinity, Rudy’s Cant Fail cafe came up pretty high on the list, supposedly being the number 1 breakfast place in Emeryville. Heading out, we decided to give it a shot.

 Entrance to Rudys cant fail cafe

Don’t you think the name of the place is catchy? Rudy’s cant fail cafe boasts its own unique logo, which looks a little like an orange cingular man holding a big fork.

Rudy’s super long opening hours follow the traditional diner concept.

Table Top @ Rudy's

 This place definitely has a very unique decor. This is the table top.

 savoury food

 This place is good for traditional, hearty, oozing, savoury food.

oozing goodness..

We tried a couple of things. The Chorizo & Egg Scramble($8.95) was not bad.

 foooddd  GaarrgGH..  hmm. not bad

 The above pictures are self-explanatory as usual.

 This is how i like my eggs.. yum =)

This is how i like my eggs.. nice! 

 More savoury goodness!

Close-up pic of the savoury goodness. 

The food is finishing..

The food is almost gone..

 *gasp* no more food..


Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe is a very cosy diner that is one of the better breakfast places around the area. Definitely, come here if you’re looking for some hearty, savoury goodness. However, this place still pales to the lofty standards set by The-Place-That-May-Not-be-Named.

Address:      4081 Hollis St, Emeryville, CA 94608 (map)
                       (intersection of 40 st and Park ave)

Links:    Website (here)
              Yelp review (here)

yysj rating:      cookie!