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Because I’m a cheat (and I’m cool), I have two birthdays (: After Gary Danko, Lalimes was the order of the month and this quaint little establishment won me over the instant I stepped in :) ZY had been here once during summer and was sufficiently impressed to designate it as the restaurant for September.

We had (I’m sorry but we forgot to take down the prices of the appetizers):

Lalimes Oyster Salad

I ordered an oyster and spinach salad for my appetizer in an attempt to feel healthy. These deep-fried pieces of sin encased in a golden wonder were anything but. I’m not complaining. The thick batter did interfere with the fresh taste of the oyster, but being the junk foodie that I am, I was more than happy with it.

Lalimes tomato soup

ZY ordered the tomato soup. This was really… fresh. Like the tomato juice we once had at the Berkeley Farmer’s market.

Main courses:

Lalimes beef

ZY got the Grilled Angus beef filet, red wine-onion risotto, Roquefort butter. (USD 28.50)It was very creamy. I think he found it a little hard to stomach but I loved it in all its creamy goodness. The butter blended well with the medium rare beef and made the meat a perfect compliment to the risotto.


This was my FAVORITE dish of the night. Braised lamb shank, creamy polenta, rosemary gremolata. (USD24.50) To put it simply, polenta with lamb. The lamb was fall-off-the-bone tender, but my attention was completely on the cornmeal mush. I know some people think it tastes like baby food, but BABY FOOD IS GOOD okay. This was delicately flavored, nothing intensive, but the mildness had an exciting quality to it. The lamb was relegated to the back seat. Mui bien!

On a side note, I suddenly remember there was once during my singing class in Lee Wei Song when Stef Sun came for her recording, and she started telling us how she likes polenta. Haha, it’s interesting that I would remember that now. On an even further note, I recieved an email from the modeling agency that I used to work with in Sinapore, and they asked me to do a FOOD AD. Oh my gosh FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD! But I guess that’s for the 1.75m, 48kg me. I don’t quality now.

Unadulterated bliss.


This is a place I wouldn’t mind returning to, over and over again. Not just because of the food. I think it’s more of an attitude that rings out from this restaurant. I can’t quite put a term to it, but ZY summed it up pretty well when he said that if he were to open a restaurant, he’d want it to be like Lalime’s.

Lalimes (web)
1329 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA

Rating: cookie!cookie!


Cafe Cacao (Scharffen Berger)

Cafe Cacao: Cafe located at Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory

Bottomline: Everybody (almost!) likes chocolate. And more.

Warning: The following review is probably not representative of the cafe.

This is a story about a cookie.


And a scone.


And a cup of chocolate mocha. Cookie. And Scone.

 Chocolate Mocha, Cookie and Scone

It begins. For whom Chocolate makes a very happy person.

YY's eyes gleam..

It begins with the cookie.
The Scharffen Berger Chocolate Chip Cookie.

 Cookie Cookie? Cookiee!

And then.. 

The Scone

The Scharffen Berger Chocolate Chip Scone 

scone Scone!! 

scone? mm.. Scone!! 

Scone. The wonderful wonderful scone.



Cookie and milk

Top it off with the mocha.

Satisfied gwin

Ah. Today was a good day =)

yysj rating:      cookie!

Address:  914 Heinz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710 (map)
                   (intersection of Heinz and 7th)

Links:    Website (here)
                Yelp Review (here)

West side story

West Side Bakery: Cosy location at west side. Typical chic Berkeley cafe.

Bottomline: Plenty of seats, free internet. Good vegetarian selection

West Side Bakery CounterWest Side Bakery

Here’s some trivia about YY. She hates libraries. Unconventionally, she needs to study in a cafe environment where she’s surrounded by ambient people and where the prospect of food is always available. Thus, when test season comes around, we’re always hunting around for cafes..

The 3 golden requirements of a study cafe

1. Comfy and available seats
2. Clean toilets
3. Free wireless internet

Passing by this place, it said ‘free wireless internet’.
YYSJ decided to check it out =)


What’s studying without a little refreshment ;)


Saute of Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomatoes and Feta 

YY tried the Saute of Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomatoes and Feta ($7.75), which was served open face on bullseye bread. Not bad. The breakfast was pretty standard fare to be found in most places. This place had a pretty good vegetarian selection though, with a number of tofu specialties such as “Tofu scrambler”, “Tofu Chilequiles” and “Tofu Rancheros”. Typical, of your very aware Berkeley cafe.


Looks savory doesn’t it?


Guess who’s supposed to be studying? ;)




This place is pretty standard. Its nice for a change, but there are many places around which are better. Try Rudy’s Can’t Fail cafe or The-Place-That-May-Not-Be-Named. if you ever find out where it is of course ;)

yysj rating:       carrot

Address:   2570 9th St, Berkeley, CA (map)
                    (Intersection of 9th and Parker)

Links:      Yelp review (here)

Stroll by the Bay

Berkeley Marina: 27 Mar 07

Bay View

This is a happy place.

Sun is setting..

Choppy seas. 
When the sun sets, you can really see the ball move behind the hills.

A long winding road

A long path to walk. Places without crowds are nice.
Beats squeezing with people at the esplanade.


Its windy though. Be warned.

Golden Sunset

yysj rating:          cookie!

Location:       West of Berkeley (map)
                       (Path by Breakwater Dr, Cesar E Chavez Park)