Who is yy and zy?

 yyav.jpg    yy says:
               I am yy.

zy says:    zy avatar
I am zy.             

Together, we are this blog’s owners.
For more about us, please see here.

How did this blog start?

For that, please see here

How does your rating system work?

In our food reviews, we’ve created our very own C&C rating system.
C&C does not stand for ‘comments & criticisms’, but rather, for carrots and chocolate chip cookies.

Basically, it works like this.
Chocolate chip cookies are good, and carrots are well, bad.

 yyav.jpg    yy says:
             I hate carrots!

zy says:    zy avatar
This says alot.. because yy likes EVERYTHING food related.            

Meaning of ratings:

cookie!                              =    generally positive, worth trying at least once.
cookie!cookie!                =      you should definitely go there. definitely.
cookie!cookie!cookie!   =   it is unlikely many places will get this rating.


carrot                                  =   not worth going.
carrotcarrot                       =   this place is really bad.
carrotcarrotcarrot           =    we really think you shouldn’t come here.


of course. everything is in our humble opinion.
Again, this blog reflects the authors’ own views.
We are not paid, and do things out of our own interest.
We not mean to demean, or to misrepresent anybody.




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