it was a dark and stormy night.
dark and stormy night  

no. actually. it was a bright and sunny saturday morning.
ahem. the story begins.

bright and sunny day

One day, zy and yy woke up. early. as usual. In their pursuit for the perfect saturday morning breakfast, zy had one of his usual bright ideas.


zy says:    zy avatar

hey yy, let’s go try that place down the road..                 
the one we always pass by                                             

 yy avatar 1    yy says:


And thus the story begins. At the Place-That-May-Not-Be-Named

At the Place-That-May-Not-Be-Named,

          You could taste every super organic grain in the toast.
          The egg was timed to perfection. Perfect texture, yolk cooked perfect.
          The waffle was so good that yy stopped halfway in drenching it in maple
          syrup and started to eat it on its own.. (!)
          The oatmeal.. This was the best oatmeal ever. We couldn’t understand it..
           i mean.. its just oatmeal right? wrong.

Hours later, yy and zy were left feeling satiated after eating the Best-Breakfast-In-The-World. Breakfast would never be looked at the same way ever again. The idea of our very own food blog project came up and we seized on the idea. We would go explore all the good eats, write reviews, and pursue our hopes of a better world of food. As poor, mainstream college students, we would eat anything and everything we fancied, and write about everything we wanted to in order to share everything with everybody!

As for The-Place-That-May-Not-Be-Named though.. well, we’ll just keep that to ourselves ;) We’ve been back many times since, ordered different things each time, and it has never failed to disappoint =)

zy & yy’s rating :      cookie!cookie!cookie!    (legendary 3 cookie rating!)


And so the story goes..


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